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And They Say

This (software) helps me have the conversation with my peers around what's really important for our business and what's not.

Jerry V.

CIO, Oil and Gas

I wish we would have had something like this as an output from our recent consulting engagement instead of just the PowerPoint deck we received.  We would still be using it to make real decisions in real time.

Nick K.

IT Executive, Pharmaceuticals

Blueprint makes strategic planning understandable, simple and most importantly, meaningful for business results.

Jishnu M.

CEO, IT Services

Build Strategic Plans That Matter

Strategies are useful only if they help make decisions.  So Instead of paying a lot of money for a strategic plan that ends in a PowerPoint deck that is rarely, if ever, used again, keep your best thinking in a tool that the whole team can use and make decisions from in real-time.

Collaborate with Colleagues Anywhere

Working face-to-face is a great way to get stuff done.  But sometimes time and distance require us to work apart.  Blueprint makes it easy to collaborate whether you’re in the same room or a continent apart.

And getting started couldn’t be easier.

Step 1. Contact Us

Drop us a line so we can schedule a free consultation.  E-mail us at

Step 2. The Consultation

We’ll chat for about 30 minutes to better understand your needs and desired outcomes.

Step 3. The Initial Blueprint

We’ll get you signed-up for a free account with some initial strategic plan elements from our discussion.

Maybe You’re Thinking…

On the Other Hand…

I don’t have time to plan.

The lack of a plan can result in lost money and time as everyone’s definition of success is likely different.

My team won’t use the tool.

Different team members adapt to change at different paces; but we’ve kept the system very simple and straightforward to use to help with adoption.

Everyone already knows our strategies.

While many leaders believe this of their teams because of previous e-mails or annual goal-setting meetings, it’s likely not the case.  Ask your team and see what they say are your core strategies.

I can’t afford the tool.

For the monthly cost of a cup of coffee and a pastry, you can clearly define what success looks like for your team.  And if they don’t need to author strategies or projects, their license is always free, anyway!

So, if you’re interested in seeing how the system works, click below.


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