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We’ve finally launched Blueprint — our flagship product that helps companies do their most valuable work. What defines most valuable? Well that depends on your organization.

I’ve spent two decades in corporate America and have watched in disappointment as my organizations, great companies, spent money working on projects that weren’t going to achieve what they wanted. This wasn’t my opinion alone; it was was shared by many, many others.
So what’s to be done about it?

After years of looking at the problem and trying to work-out ways to tackle it, I believe we’ve launched a great first iteration of a tool that makes it easy for teams and organizations to define success and execute against that definition.
Blueprint was designed from the ground-up to be pragmatic in its framework, simple in its user interface, and powerful in what it can show you about your true priorities.

Come on by and be part of something different in organizations everywhere. Use Blueprint as a way of defining “good” and make it visible to your entire team.