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Decide from Latin to “cut off”.

Abulia meaning “an absence of will power or inability to act decisively, as a symptom of mental illness”.

Both of these words have a severity, a weight, a gravity to them, yet we use one as a clinical condition of mental illness, and the other as something we do without much thought.

Many organizations these days brag about their agility or ability to make quick decisions.  But at some point, if there is no evaluation and thoughtfulness, I wonder how much “cutting off” actually occurred.

Cortez scuttled (or burned) his ships to prevent the possibility of a mutiny.  While that might have been extreme, it was definitely a decision.

When you make your next decision, ask yourself have you really cut something off or are you opening the door for 2nd guesses.  When everything is undo-able, you may lack the commitment to push through to a successful outcome and simply decide to do something easier.