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“Of course I know that no technology is infallible, but this technology can’t fail.”

There’s nothing quite like being in a corporate environment talking about the hyper-urgent need for e-mail.  Sure, doctors can operate while in the field of battle, pilots can land planes without instrumentation, but can you imagine the tragedy if the corporate e-mail platform goes down?

Surely the planet will stop spinning, stars will fall from the sky, innocent children will die of thirst, starvation, or the lack of the latest management communication.  Please say it isn’t so…

OK, a bit of drama, but frankly the whole damn thing is a bit of drama.

A lot of people, especially mid to senior-level managers in companies, have lost perspective on where money should be spent, time should be invested, and people should be focused.  We get too caught up in drinking the company Kool-aid and forget to take time to question and challenge some assumptions, because after all, doing so could cut-short our livelihood.

Being caught up in the rat race, does, after all, concede two points.  We’re rats and it’s a race.

Don’t forget what’s truly important.