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The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio just concluded and we had the opportunity to watch so many amazing athletes compete.

These individuals have spent thousands of hours practicing, measuring, tweaking, competing, practicing, tweaking, practicing, practicing, practicing…

They didn’t become great swimmers by being near a pool.  They didn’t break world running records by just looking at the track.  They’ve worked hard, measured results and refined their entire craft.

So when someone tells me that now they can help others be successful in business or in an organization because they were part of one or two outcomes involving so many other people, I wonder.

I wonder have they confused time with experience.  Being at a job for 5 years doesn’t make you good at your job.  It only guarantees that you’ll be five years older.  Getting better is a process of execution, measurement, refinement and constant evaluation over time.

Beware of someone who’s just been around as much as someone who may have been lucky once.

There’s tremendous value in deliberate execution over time.