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Regardless of what approach you choose to use, the power of a strategy is in the action it frames, not how clever it appears on paper.

At its core, a strategy is a decision.  A decision to do something and forfeit everything else.  Therein lies the rub.  People worry about choosing a bad strategy and losing out on other options.

But if you worry too much about choosing a bad strategy, you will never choose a good one.

The value of a direction is going that way and following through.

If you live in California and want to make it to New York and getting there quickly, you will miss out on the Oregon wine country, or the Grand Canyon or even the Badlands of South Dakota.  But what you could miss out on wasn’t why you chose your destination or your approach in the first place.  Focus on what you wanted and why.  Don’t get lost in what you won’t get.  That’s an infinite collection of things.  And also remember, that making no decision is a decision of sorts.  You give up on anything for fear of missing something.