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Many think that once you put people together in a collection, you have a team.  Unfortunately, you’re right.

But a great division or department (corporate teams), has more to them than that.  They have a common purpose, a set of common outcomes and an understanding of what the others bring to the table.

So, if you’re the leader of the team (department), it’s your job to pull all of that together.  If you don’t, you simply have a hefty cash burn called payroll and you’re likely getting a lot less than what you could.

Set the vision, communicate the direction and then have the integrity to act on the vision and direction.  Bring people into the team and remove those that don’t want to be there.  But don’t think hiring and firing alone gets you results.  That would be like bringing in a bunch of A-list actors, then sitting down and waiting for a great film or play to just happen.  Not likely.