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Want to know what someone values?  Watch where they spend their money or time.  Regardless of what someone says, it’s easy to understand their true priorities.

When managers give you your goals and objectives at the beginning of the year, there isn’t much thought to the “cost” of those targets?  Why?  Because your time is free.  Which, of course, it isn’t.

Your time should be measured in opportunity cost.  What else could you have been working on, instead?

When we designed Blueprint, we built-in the concept of internal (time) and external (dollar) costs so that you could understand the value and alignment at the highest levels.

Everyone can earn more money.  Nobody can add a second to a day.  So when companies guard tightly the cash and disregard your time, they’ve missed the boat.  There is a fundamental flaw in the thinking.

Place a value on your time and see where you’re spending it.  Priorities still matter, especially when considering your time.