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A simple software tool for IT leaders that ensures your strategy is focused and actionable.

Even if you think your team knows what’s important, Blueprint is for you – and them.

Even if your business executives aren’t the type to demand it, Blueprint is for both of you.

Even if you’ve never felt comfortable defining your departmental strategy, Blueprint is for you. 

3 modules, 2 relationships and 1 decision could make all the difference.

Be confident that you’re focused on your most valuable work.

Define the Outcomes

Set the Direction

Reduce the Risk

Increase Engagement

What Makes Blueprint Different?

Ease of Use

We want you to spend time thinking about and planning for your organization's success, not learning yet another tool.  Blueprint has a modern UI making it more intuitive.

Practical Approach

Getting started is easier when you aren't worried about an overly sophisticated framework or academic model.

Focus on Outcomes

Gain alignment with other leaders and team members early by building, shaping and working towards a shared vision of success.

Support of Industry Frameworks

While Blueprint has been designed to be comfortable for all business leaders, it ties well to industry frameworks.