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Focus on Your Organization's Most Valuable Projects.

Identify, prioritize, communicate and commit to your best work.

Don't waste time and money on just "good enough" projects.

Our software guides you through a structured process, so you have a clear view of success.

Define the Outcomes     •     Set the Direction    •    Focus the Resources     •    Reduce the Risk    •    Increase Team Engagement

Be confident that you’re focused on your most valuable work.

A quick introduction to Blueprint

Try Blueprint by Purmea risk free for 14 days.

What people are saying…

Blueprint brings the fanciful world of strategic planning down to earth, and fits practitioners of modern agile management practices.


CEO, IT Services


This (software) helps me with the conversation with my peers around what’s really important for our business and what’s not.


CIO, Oil and Gas


I wish we would have had something like this as an output from our recent consulting engagement instead of just the PowerPoint deck we received.  We would still be using it.


IT Director, Pharmaceuticals

What Makes Blueprint Different?



Ease of Use

We want you to spend time thinking about and planning for your organization's success, not learning yet another tool.  Blueprint has a modern UI making it more intuitive.

Practical Approach

Getting started is easier when you aren't worried about an overly sophisticated framework or academic model.

Focus on Outcomes

Gain alignment with other leaders and team members early by building, shaping and working towards a shared vision of success.

Support of Industry Frameworks

While Blueprint has been designed to be comfortable for all business leaders, it ties well to industry frameworks.

Try Blueprint risk free for 14 days.